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Sega Saturn's DRM has been cracked after 20 years

Sega Saturn's DRM has been cracked after 20 years

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Twenty years after it was released, the Sega Saturn's DRM has finally been breached. James Laird-Wah, an engineer known online as Dr. Abrasive, has developed a way for games to be loaded onto the console via USB, skipping past the Saturn's hardware DRM system that requires game discs to have a physical mark on the outer ring called a wobble.

The YouTube channel debuglive conducted an extensive interview with Laird-Wah about his process, which you can watch below.

The process took Laird-Wah three years to complete, and he's still tinkering with the setup before it will be released commercially. But with disc drives from the Saturn breaking down as time goes on, the new workaround should allow players to continue using their consoles for years to come.