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Garmin’s new bike computer lets you keep tabs on up to 50 of your friends

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Few spaces are safe from computers anymore. We’ve got them in our refrigerators, in our beds, and on our bikes. I would say all these spaces should be sacred so as to make relaxing while eating, sleeping, and biking easier, but whatever, I've clearly lost this war. Now, Garmin is improving its bike computer game. Its Edge 820 and Edge Explorer 820 are 2.3-inch display computers that pair with an iPhone or Android to display calls and texts. It’s also got this nifty feature called GroupTrack, which lets you keep track of up to 50 of your bike-riding friends, so long as they’re within a 10-mile radius.

That’s a lot of people in your bike gang. Garmin didn’t specify whether everyone needs to have the 820 to be tracked. The devices also come with a GPS (obviously), GLONASS (a fancier GPS), and an altimeter. They can also still be used when wet and if a biker is wearing gloves. Wowee. The Edge will retail for $399.99 while the Explore will sell for $349.99.