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Tesla fans can now 3D print a supercharger station for their phones

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My Supercharger

The 400,000 Tesla fans that preordered the company’s Model 3 have a long wait ahead of them. They know this. They chose this. But I assume they don’t mind waiting because they love Tesla and appreciate its aesthetic, like its supercharger stations. But still, I imagine they’re all sitting at their desks right now daydreaming about driving their Model 3. You know what could make those daydreams even more real? A mini supercharger station for a phone.

A Tesla enthusiast named Martin Hansen created the blueprints so anyone can either purchase or 3D print their own phone supercharger. It looks like a baby Tesla charger! I know we all love mini things. The charger works with either a Micro USB or Lightning cable and costs $109. Hansen says it's a "must-have for every TESLA Enthusiast." You heard him, Tesla fan.

MySupercharger - Print your own smartphone Supercharger from Jan-Hendrik Paulsen on Vimeo.