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NanoPi NEO is an $8 version of the Raspberry Pi Zero you can actually buy

Usually knockoff products are cheaper than the original, but if the original is a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero, well the knockoffs just can't afford to slash prices. Enter the NanoPi NEO, an $8 Chinese version of the Pi Zero built by FriendlyARM— that you can actually buy. It's easier to get Hamilton tickets than to get your hands on the perpetually sold out Raspberry Pi Zero these days, which could potentially give the NanoPi NEO an actual audience.

NanoPi NEO

The NanoPi NEO is a 40mm square featuring an Allwinner H3 1.2 GHz quad-core Cortex-A7 with 256MB of RAM, a 10/100 Ethernet port, MicroUSB port, and Micro SD slot.

If you want to purchase the NanoPi NEO you can have it shipped to the US for just $5, bringing the grand total to $12 for the Linux board, which isn't a bad deal. But don't get your hopes up for future support from the company. You can order the NanoPi NEO today from FriendlyARM's website.