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Aerix releases a racing drone for beginners

The Black Talon Micro FPV Racing Drone

Racing drones can be difficult to operate if you've never flown them before, and at high speeds, a crash can be very costly. To address that issue, Aerix is releasing a racing drone for beginners, called the Black Talon Micro FPV Racing Drone.

The Black Talon comes with novice-friendly features like interchangeable batteries and an altitude hold function (thanks to a built-in barometer) to allow the pilot to focus more on the general direction of the drone. The Black Talon can stream in 720p to the display attached to the controller, and record flight footage to a microSD card.

It takes about 30 minutes to fully charge, which will give you about seven minutes of flight time. If that isn't enough, there's an extended flight package that will let you fly for 25 minutes before you need to recharge. The extended flight package also comes with 40 replacement blades instead of the four spare blades the standard version ships with.

Aerix Black Talon Micro FPV Racing Drone

At $139 — or $189 for the extended range version — the Black Talon is a relatively affordable option for beginners looking to give drone racing a try without breaking the bank, or their expensive drone. You can preorder the Black Talon Micro FPV Racing Drone today from Aerix's website.