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Bose made its sweat-proof headphones more sweat-proof after sweat issues

Bose made its sweat-proof headphones more sweat-proof after sweat issues

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Last month, Bose released a new set of earbuds called the SoundSport Wireless, which the company touted as being sweat-resistant. But over the past few weeks, some customers have complained of problems with the headphones due to "heavy sweat," which is ironic to say the least.

One customer on Amazon complained that sweat got inside the headphones and generated a static noise that lasted even after you turned the headphones off and on. That's not great news for a company that built the headphones specifically for people exercising — and likely sweating a lot.

After CNET reached out to the company, CEO Bob Maresca said Bose engineers went through the malfunctioning headphones and found the issue, noting that a fix would be ready for all future SoundSport Wireless units by the end of August. "We found that SoundSport is sweat and weather resistant, but for a small percentage of people it wasn't working right under pretty specific conditions related to heavy sweat and moisture," Marcesa told CNET.

Maresca also said any SoundSport Wireless owners experiencing the issue can contact Bose and receive a free pair of updated headphones once they ship, as well as a pair of wired SoundSport headphones for free to hold them over. Customers who already returned their SoundSport Wireless units and received a replacement will also be offered the new updated version when it ships in August, and they will have the opportunity to return the unit for a full refund.

"It doesn't matter if it's a small percentage or not," Maresca told CNET. "We want everyone who bought a SoundSport wireless to have a great experience, and we're all obsessing over that now, including me."