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Circuit Breaker

This stroller charges your phone so you can play Pokémon Go while walking your baby

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Will Pokémon Go still be a thing when this $699.99 stroller ships in October? Hopefully, because moms and dads and all other forms of stroller pushers are going to have it made.

This new "4moms moxi" stroller is the app-connected stroller the world has been waiting for, a more minimal followup to much more complicated and bulky 4moms Origami from a few years back. Moxi generates electricity when you're pushing it, and that juice can be used to charge your phone, but also powers the stroller's headlights and taillights. The 4moms app lets you view your trip history and calorie burn, and adjust stroller settings.

The tradeoff is weight: the (interchangeable) seat weighs seven pounds, and the frame weighs 22 pounds. So that's probably not going to be great. But isn't your baby worth it? And by worth it, I mean worth having totally fit parents with the greatest Pokémon collection in the neighborhood?