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You can buy a smart jump rope at the Apple Store

You can buy a smart jump rope at the Apple Store


But you shouldn't

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This week, Apple Stores will begin selling the Tangram smart rope, a jump rope with embedded LEDs that creates the appearance of a digital display in mid-air that displays your jump count. The smart rope tracks your jumps, calories burned, and has a leaderboard system that will let you compare jump stats with your friends.

The Tangram Smart Rope is $90. The top-selling jump rope on Amazon is $10. A jump rope that can count for you (and let's be honest, you know how to count just fine) is probably* not worth an 800 percent price increase, no matter how smart it is.

At this point I'm convinced there is nothing that won't be made "smart" in the next few years. Soon we'll have smart socks to "more accurately track your steps" and smart shampoo that will tell you when it's time to wash your hair again (the last one actually sounds nice, but you get my point). The Internet of Things is now the Internet of Everything.

You can buy the Tangram smart rope from $89 your Apple Store or from Tangram's website.

*definitely not