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iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6S video might give us a better look at Apple's next phone

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Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone later this year, and recent rumors have suggested it will look very similar to the existing iPhone 6S. A new video claims to compare a dummy version of the iPhone 7 to an existing iPhone 6S, showing the exact external differences. It's important to note that these parts could be early prototypes or an elaborate fake, and Apple's final iPhone 7 will likely look a little different.

Rumors have pointed toward the iPhone 7 having improved antenna lines, a bigger camera and associated bump, and a lack of a headphone jack. The comparison video, posted on Chinese site Weibo, appears to include all of these external changes to the iPhone 7. While the camera is noticeably bigger, the rest of the device could easily be mistaken for an iPhone 6S. That's in keeping with a rumor from The Wall Street Journal, which claimed the next iPhone will look like the 6S and bigger changes are coming in 2017.

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