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Samsung Pay finally comes to the Gear S2 in a public beta

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gear s2

Samsung has been promising that its Gear S2 would support Samsung Pay ever since it announced the smartwatch (and its variations) in 2015. Now, almost a year later, the company finally appears to be rolling out the NFC payment functionality. Droid-Life spotted an update to the Samsung Gear app that takes Samsung Pay out of its closed beta into a public one. So if you own a Gear S2 — Bluetooth-only, not the 3G version — you can now try using Samsung Pay yourself.

To activate the beta, you have to update the watch’s software as well as the Samsung Gear app. Once that’s done you just tap the "Samsung Pay Beta" option in the updated Gear app to get started. You’ll apparently have to add cards one by one even if you already have Samsung Pay set up on your smartphone, which is a bit annoying, but at least the option is finally rolling out.