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Sony's upcoming flagship smartphone purportedly leaks

Sony's upcoming flagship smartphone purportedly leaks



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GSM Arena got its hands on what looks to be Sony's next flagship phone, the F8331 (the name will likely be changed before it's released), and the design language looks noticeably different from the Xperia X and Z lines that we've become accustomed to over the past few years.

The F8331 features rounded edges reminiscent of the Lumia 920, a bigger screen than the 5-inch Xperia X devices, and a USB-C port — which would be a first for Sony. Thankfully, it still has a headphone jack, so no extra dongles are needed. There's not much else we know about the F8331 yet, and the images could be early prototypes of the device that are subject to change. Sony does have plans to make an appearance at IFA in September, however, so we may get answers to all of our questions in the next couple months.

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