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This pokédex battery case will help you become the pokémon master you were born to be

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The pokédex is real, pokémon are real, it's all real now

As every seasoned Pokémon Go player came to realize last week, the game is a major drain on your phone's battery. You can carry around a portable battery pack to solve this issue and look like a nerd, or you can cop this pokédex battery case and still look like a nerd, but really own up to it.

Sparkfun user Nick Poole has created a 3D-printed pokédex that adds an extra 2600mAh to his Samsung Galaxy S4 (and leaves room for more):

pokedex Nick Poole

pokedex Nick Poole


And the best part of it is, he's outlined his process on how he made his incredible replica here. But okay, so maybe you don't own a 3D printer, nor do you know how to use printing files from GitHub to wire up the whole shebang. Luckily for us, Poole is currently testing out models for different phone cases so that us normals can benefit from his hard work and maybe even purchase finished pokédexes.

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