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This pet camera lets you tease your cat with a laser even when you're not home

The Furbo has competition. Petcube is launching two pet-centric cameras on Kickstarter today that let users monitor their pets when they’re not home. The Petcube Bites and Petcube Play come with 1080p video cameras that use night vision and can stream live. The devices connect through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and rely on a companion iOS and Android app.

The Petcube Bites lets users toss their dog or cat treats to reward them for good behavior, and the Petcube Play comes with a laser toy that lets users play with their cat (or dog) to build stronger bonds. Pet owners can talk to their animals, too, and control the video feed to record footage. There is a catch, though: Petcube wants users to subscribe to its video cloud storage service to record long stretches of video footage that can span up to 30 days. That subscription would cost $10 a month. Users can also save locally to their phone, just like Furbo.



The Petcube Play starts at $119 and Petcube Bites starts at $149. Again, these are also on Kickstarter, so you’re going to have to have faith that the cloud service will eventually be up and running and the devices will ship on time.

Correction 7/19 4:27 ET: Clarified the purpose of the Petcube cloud subscription service.