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There's a pokéball battery extender on Etsy

There's a pokéball battery extender on Etsy

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Etsy (magicalsuperstore)

Everyone's still going bananas for Pokémon Go, and naturally, the global market is adjusting to our newfound obsession by capitalizing on it until we're eventually forced to hate it. We haven't hit peak Pokémon-themed gadgets yet, but we have already seen an attempt at creating a drone to help capture Pokémon and a dating service specifically for Pokémon fans. Today, we can also purchase a pokéball-shaped battery pack. An Etsy seller stuffed a 5,300 mAh battery inside the pokéball, which should get you through quite a bit of gameplay until you’re stranded. The seller (magicalsuperstore) expects it to power phones fully up to three times. Is a pokéball-shaped battery worth $41?