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I can't wait to fight hundreds of people to get to these subway USB charging ports

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State of New York

New York is planning to upgrade its subway cars to include free Wi-Fi and USB ports for charging. I won’t tell you how to feel about that decision. We knew about the plans months ago, and now we have a better idea of what the new cars might look like. The city released renderings this week, including this one:

State of New York

See those USB ports? I’m not sure how many will be included in each car, but I know it’s not enough to quench New Yorkers’ thirst for a charge, especially during rush hour. At the very least these ports might induce some tense run-ins among train riders. We’re all just going to have to make peace and share with one another. I love the harmonious scene I’ve created in my head.

Let’s be real: the most exciting part of these renderings is the "improved grab bar." Love ya!