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Blincam is the only part of Google Glass that ever mattered anyway

Blincam is the only part of Google Glass that ever mattered anyway

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Remember Google Glass? Of course you do. And remember how, despite all its other problems, the only thing that really bugged people about Google Glass was its omnipresent camera, which could be triggered with a wink?

Well so now there's a standalone product that does just that. It's called Blincam, it's from Japan, and it's still not even at the Kickstarter stage yet. But watch this highly emotional video and just try and deny this man hands-free blink snaps of his daughter.

The glasses-mounted camera has a "patent pending" eye movement sensor, which seems odd because Google was doing this years ago. According to the scant marketing materials, Blincam connects to your phone over Bluetooth, which would be a little slow for transferring pictures. There's also a microSD plug if you want to get at your pictures the old fashioned way. According to the Makuake crowdfunding page, the final version will cost 19,800 yen (around $185 US) when it ships.

Will the technophobic mob win again, or is early 2017 (Blincam's projected ship date) finally the time when making weird blinking gestures can finally become the universal gesture for "I just totally took a picture of you and what are you going to do about it?"