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Circuit Breaker

This device will let you control your DSLR with your smartphone over Wi-Fi

The Case Remote Air

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Two years ago, a Chinese startup called Cheering Tech released the Case Remote, a wireless controller that lets you operate your DSLR from your smartphone or tablet. Now the company is back with the Case Remote Air, a smaller version of the controller, with a couple new features.

The Case Remote Air matches the features set on the standard remote: full access to camera settings on most Cannon and Nikon DSLRs; live-streaming to iOS and Android apps; the ability to remotely set parameters and download photos from the camera to the mobile device; and support for HDR, time lapse, and focus stacking.

The new features include the ability to live stream to Mac and Windows apps — which the Case Remote Plus, a larger wireless controller will also support, according to the company's website. And that's really it, other than a noticeably smaller footprint (and a higher price), the Case Remote Air isn't much different than its predecessors. Currently on Indiegogo, the Case Remote Air will retail for $199 when it's officially released, but backers can get one for as low as $84 now.