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Circuit Breaker

Linksys updated its router app so you can tap to text your friends your Wi-Fi password


Linksys’ Smart Wi-Fi app pairs with the company's routers to let users manage their internet more easily and from a friendlier user interface. It's not new. What is new, however, is an update the company plans to release tomorrow that includes a redesign and added functionality. The iOS and Android app now allows users to share a guest Wi-Fi name and password through either a text or email, provide guest access for up to 50 people, and prioritize bandwidth to certain devices. The app will also notify users if a router loses its internet connection. Honestly, anything that makes it so I don’t have to spell out my Wi-Fi password to a friend is cool with me.

Google's OnHub app and Asus' router app already make it easy to share a Wi-Fi password, but it's nice that Linksys is also bringing it to us. Better late than never.