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Samsung fixes waterproofing issues with the Galaxy S7 Active

Samsung fixes waterproofing issues with the Galaxy S7 Active


If your Galaxy S7 Active has water damage, you can ask Samsung for a new device

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active — a phone specifically designed to be waterproof — became the subject of scrutiny after a pair of the smartphones failed a Consumer Reports dunk test. At first, Samsung claimed that Consumer Reports could've had two defective devices — which would be a huge coincidence since CNET also did a dunk test which the S7 Active failed — but now the company is singing a different tune.

"We found a problem in the production line that we were able to correct," a Samsung representative told Consumer Reports about the device which is exclusive to AT&T. The undisclosed issue has been fixed, but Galaxy S7 Actives currently on shelves won't be swapped out for the problem-free units and current owners won't be offered a replacement unless they report an issue. Samsung believes the issue only affects a very small amount of devices and noted, "We don’t want people to think there’s the necessity of returning their phone."

Samsung says if you have water damage issues with your Galaxy S7 Active, you can return it to the retailer you purchased it from or send it directly to Samsung to have it replaced, as long as your device is still under the one-year warranty (i.e., don't wait forever to swap it out).