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Magic Leap envisions a future where you can shop by talking to your AR glasses

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And buy baby gifts!

Magic Leap CMO Brian Wallace showed off a video preview last week of what we might eventually see from his secretive company. The video, which Wallace played at a conference in Shanghai, shows how consumers will be able to shop through Magic Leap’s AR headset. They’ll be able to use voice controls to measure a space and then pick out items that'll fit in the room. I need something like this for an A/C unit in my room. Where ya at, Magic Leap?!

Previous videos showed more personal daily uses, like looking through the glasses to check the weather and stock market. The company also demonstrated other shopping examples, like one where users could see a pair of shoes in their room and then purchase them. Shopping is apparently a recurrent trend. Magic Leap: the future of shopping. Maybe?

Update 3:30PM ET: We've gotten a full, high-definition copy of the video from Magic Leap and uploaded it above. The original YouTube video can be viewed here.