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Remix OS for PC upgraded to Marshmallow, supports more hardware

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Remix OS

Remix OS has been putting Android 5.1 on PCs for only half a year, but now users can upgrade their devices to Android Marshmallow. The update also makes the OS compatible with additional NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, which adds support for more than a dozen x86 PCs and laptops. It can be installed on most Intel-based PCs and Macs, although Android and most of its apps will probably always work best on ARM.

Jide also stressed that this upgrade comes with additional ways to resize and use multiple windows at the same time. The updated OS comes a new button that resizes windows to optimize for certain apps, for instance. Also video-based apps will open in full screen and resizing windows can be done from anywhere along the edge of the window. Here are the windows in action:

Remix OS

To update, users will have to do a clean install because there’s no over-the-air push yet. Remix OS for PC supports computers with 32-bit and 64-bit chips and be installed on a USB drive. It doesn’t come with Google services, like the Play Store. Those have to be side-loaded.