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Circuit Breaker

I thought I knew the future of luggage, but then I saw this suitcase that follows you around

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I really did think I knew the whole future of luggage. A rideable suitcase? That seemed to be the pinnacle of innovation. But only a mere five days after discovering the Modobag, it’s being usurped in my mind by the Cowarobot R1, which its manufacturer says is the "world’s first autonomous suitcase." LOL.


The Cowarobot makes me feel happy because I like the idea of something never leaving my side and being programmed to never want to leave my side. True love. The suitcase relies on something called a "CO-MOVE System." I’m very unclear on what this system is. It apparently involves sonars, "a depth sensor CO-EYE" (no idea what that is, either), and cliff detect sensors so it doesn’t bump into things or fall down stairs. Again, it’s unclear whether any of this works. Here’s an image from Cowarobot’s Indiegogo campaign that is supposed to clear things up:


Hope that clears it up. The Cowarobot also comes with a bracelet for the user, so the suitcase always stays within an arm’s length. The details are vague, but do you care? An autonomous suitcase: a man's $499 best friend.