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Forget keys; use Bluetooth locks to get into your toolbox


Craftsman is planning to release a new Pro Series of tool storage units this October that’ll lock with a physical key, like most other toolboxes. They’ll also be modernized with a companion app and Bluetooth, so they can be unlocked remotely. The app lets you set up a proximity lock, too, so the box knows to unlock when you’re within a certain range. If you're paranoid someone's getting into your toolbox while you're away, the box will also send an alert if it’s someone's messing with it. And if all that isn't enough, the new boxes include two USB ports, so you can charge your phone while you work.

The Pro Series reaches up to 52 inches in width with that costing around $700. A listing for the Pro Series was up earlier on Sears’ website, but has apparently since been taken down. Guess we’ll just have to wait until October to get a full peek.