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Beyerdynamic's new Byron earbuds are designed to take on the go

Beyerdynamic's new Byron earbuds are designed to take on the go

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Beyerdynamic (via Delamar)

High-end audio company Beyerdynamic announced three new earbuds this week that it imagines will be affordable and reliable options for people who use their phones to listen to music. The cheapest pair in the Byron series will sell for $54, and the most expensive model — the BTA — will sell for $219. That's way more accessible than the company’s $1,299 T5p.2 headphones from earlier this year.

The cheapest pair connects through a traditional headphone jack, whereas the two more expensive models — the BT and BTA — connect to a phone through Bluetooth. Those pairs connect the left and right earbuds through a cable that also functions as a remote, so you can skip tracks and play / pause without taking our your device. But even with that design, the BTA is the only pair that works with both Android and Apple devices because it includes the AAC codec in addition to Qualcomm’s aptX codec.

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The other big differences between the BTA and BT is that the more premium model comes with a fast-charging cradle that can fully charge the earbuds in 90 minutes. The BT requires a microUSB. The BTA also has a higher frequency range between 10 Hz and 25 kHz, so its sound quality will be more dynamic. Beyerdynamic will debut the earbuds this September in Berlin.