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There's a flat version of the Galaxy Note 7 floating around the web

But will Samsung release it?

At this point it's clear that Samsung is fond of curved displays on its Galaxy smartphones, and the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 is expected to receive a dual-edge display when its announced next week. But a new video floating around Wiebo shows what appears to be a working version of a Galaxy Note 7 with a flat display. The video shows the apparent prototype working with the S Pen, Samsung's home screen and setting apps, and even the rumored Iris scanner interface.

The specs on the device line up with the previous rumors — a 5.7-inch quad HD display, 12MP camera, and a Samsung Exynos 8890 are present — although it features 4GB of RAM instead of the rumored 6GB. Given the length and quality of the video it's unlikely the device is a fake, but either way we'll just have to wait until Tuesday to find out which version of the Galaxy Note 7 Samsung chooses to release.