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This super-lux 3D printer can print up to four materials at once

This super-lux 3D printer can print up to four materials at once

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There are a lot of things to say about Pam — a new 3D printer designed for professionals — but honestly, the one thing I keep coming back to is the fact that each of its pellet pods has a tiny little handle. I mean, nothing quite says hipster design like leather and brass, and I swear to god, it looks like those handles are made out of leather and brass.

Pam can print everything from thermoplastics to silicones

Anyway, this luxurious little design touch aside, Pam's built for business. It has a printing resolution of up to 40 μ and is able to work with up to four materials at the same time. Its makers, Pollen, claim it has "the largest range" of materials available, from thermoplastics to silicones, offering transparency, flexibility, elasticity, a range of colors, and even food-safe surfaces. Pam also comes with its own software, Honeyprint, which can be controlled remotely from "any device" and has its own API for managing printing tasks at a distance.

Pollen Pam 3D printer


But, of course, it's expensive as hell, with a "limited time offer" price tag of €8,000 ($8,900) which the company predicts will double to €16,000 in 2017 with a shipping date of April next year. Let's hope those little handles are worth it.