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DoubleTwist's CloudPlayer app now lets you make a playlist of your cloud and locally-stored music

DoubleTwist CloudPlayer app

DoubleTwist's CloudPlayer Android app already allows you to stream all the music you store in your cloud service, including Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Now, the company will let you make playlists with that music for easier listening. Songs from various cloud platforms and those stored locally on your phone can be included in one playlist. Those playlists will also stay with your account, so you have them even if you get a new phone. The updated app is expected to go live today, and Cloud Playlists will be available to all users, even those who aren’t paying for a premium account.

CloudPlayer came out last year to — as the app's creator wrote — "provide an alternative to crippled, proprietary cloud music lockers that impose painful restrictions on what you can do with the music you own," even across devices, and although other streaming apps already exist, CloudPlayer differentiates itself by charging premium users $4.99 one time, as opposed to a monthly subscription fee.