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This graphics card is powerful, and cute

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Gigabyte GTX 1070 Adorable Edition

Even as computers and devices have trended toward miniaturization over the years, desktop graphics cards have only seemed to get increasingly monstrous. And that's why this new GTX 1070 from Gigabyte is so refreshing — it's one of the best new graphics cards on the market, and also one of the smallest. The new Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 ITX Edition is a smaller version of the GTX 1070 at only 6.7 inches long, which is a lot shorter than the 11.4 inches of the standard version. As CNET points out, it's no slouch, either; the card's core clock is rated 50Mhz higher than its longer sibling thanks to a factory overclock.

Beyond being adorable, the smaller size is functionally important. PC builders who don't want to have to build a massive tower just to fit Subway-footlong-sized graphics cards should easily be able to fit the GTX 1070 ITX Edition into more discreet cases. It's not the first mini-ITX graphics card on the market, but the selection isn't huge, and it's nice to see that smaller form factors are getting attention early in the product lifecycle. That's more good news for people who want something on their desk that doesn't look like a Transformer.