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If you want an alarm that isn’t your phone, Beddi seems cool

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After a successful Indiegogo campaign, the Beddi alarm is available (and even on sale) for $100. It’s got 20-some features, including a white noise maker, multiple USB ports, an FM radio, mood lighting, and a Bluetooth speaker. It also can sync up with Philips Hue, Nest, LIFX, and WeMo. Beddi markets its product as the future of alarm clocks.

Don’t you want to wake up like this?


While Beddi sounds like a good alarm option, I'm wondering who actually uses a physical alarm to wake up? A Slack chat among Verge staffers seemed to show that most people use their phone or their Amazon Echo. I tried using a physical alarm for a while and then just shifted to a phone. I don't really see myself going back. What do y'all use? Physical clock? Alexa? Phone?