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Google is reportedly working on its own Android Wear smartwatches

Google is reportedly working on its own Android Wear smartwatches

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Google is reportedly working on two Android Wear smartwatches, according to a new report from Android Police. Such a move would mark yet another expansion of Google-made hardware; the company already manufactures laptops (Chromebook Pixel), tablets (Pixel C), streaming devices (Chromecast), and will soon launch its own "intelligent" speaker (Google Home) to compete with Amazon's Echo.

The two smartwatches — one codenamed Angelfish, the other Swordfish — are said to place a heavy focus on the Google assistant artificial intelligence "bot" that headlined the company's recent I/O keynote. In terms of size and design, the larger Angelfish watch fits somewhere in between the 42mm and 46mm sizes of Lenovo's Moto 360. It'll feature LTE connectivity, built-in GPS, and a heart rate monitor, so it's got everything necessary for a little independence from your smartphone. Google's watch apparently borrows design cues from the Moto 360 and LG's Watch Urbane, but the overall look is said to feel unique.

The design has visible lugs, with a smooth housing shape that curves where the watch band meets the body. It does not have the stark circular "puck" shape of Motorola's 360, nor the rather angular lugs or multi-piece design of the Urbane LTE. This gives the watch a subdued but sporty look.

The watch design reportedly features three buttons. There's a circular crown like many other Android Wear devices, but Angelfish also has two other buttons, and it's not yet known what they do. The smaller, thinner Swordfish watch has a look that resembles the Pebble Time Round, according to Android Police, with much less bezel surrounding the circular display. It's got just a single button, and might ship without the LTE, GPS, and heart rate sensor included inside the higher-end model.

It's not clear exactly when Google plans to unveil its pair of smartwatches — if the rumor pans out at all. They could appear sometime this fall alongside new Nexus phones and the launch of Android Wear 2.0, though Android Police suspects they'll be announced separately.