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Circuit Breaker

Mogees Play turns your kitchen table into a rhythm game controller

Mogees Play

Mogees successfully crowdfunded its sensor for musicians that turns any object into an instrument. Now it’s back with a similar product called Mogees Play. The difference this time is that it wants its sensor to be accessible to kids and anyone else who wants to make music. Mogees Play plugs into a smartphone and pairs with three apps. The sensor attaches to any object and creates sounds out of its vibrations. So, for instance, you can tap on a wooden table to produce a different sound than when you bang on a metal pot.

One game called Pulse teaches the basics of rhythm; Jam lets users build rhythms and loops using whatever object they put their sensor on; and Keys lets players create melodies, arpeggios, and chords. The device’s API is open, too, so developers can build their own apps for Mogees Play. Can't wait to start banging on pots and pans with a purpose!