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Samsung announces the Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Edition

Samsung will give every participant in the 2016 Olympics a customized version of its Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. The Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition features the five Olympic Ring colors, and the Olympic symbol will be prominently featured in key apps like contacts, dial, messages, and on the home and lock screens.

Samsung Rio 2016 App

Unlike Samsung's other special edition releases like the Batman phone, The Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition will be released in the United States exclusively at Best Buy on July 18th in limited quantities. The phone will also be available in South Korea, Germany, and China. Samsung has not released any information on the price.

Samsung is giving out a pair of its $200 Gear IconX headphones to Olympians as well, which should be a nice bonus. The company has also developed the official Rio 2016 app, which will contain the official Olympic schedule, venue information, real-time event updates, and medal counts. The app is now available on iOS, Android, and Windows.