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Don’t panic: BlackBerry’s keyboard is here to stay

Don’t panic: BlackBerry’s keyboard is here to stay


Why would you think otherwise?

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Blackberry classic

BlackBerry announced plans to discontinue its Classic phone yesterday, and following that news, multiple media outlets reported that the phone’s discontinuation spelled doom for physical keyboards. Those reports are false, of course, but BlackBerry Senior Vice President for Global Device Sales Alex Thurber took to Twitter just to be doubly sure there wasn’t confusion.

The keyboard isn’t going anywhere, people! You shouldn’t have thought that anyways. While the company’s first Android device, the Priv, isn’t selling well, it still has a physical keyboard. Plus, there were rumors last week about three new Blackberry Android phones. At least one of them will supposedly have a keyboard. There’s even a grainy photo to back those claims up.

Huzzah! Let’s give BlackBerry some credit. It might not be the most popular company, or have the best phones, but it knows its strength lies in the keyboard. Never let the dream die.