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Think your regular watch looks too sleek? Strap a Barclays bPay Loop on it


Barclays launched three contactless payment options for its bPay mobile payments system last year, including a NFC sticker, a wristband, and a key fob. It later eventually caved and started supporting Apple Pay nine months after it launched in the UK. It’s not done with its bPay, though. Barclays just launched bPay Loop, which turns regular watches into payment systems. The Loop consists of a contactless chip encased in silicone that fits over bands up to 22mm, although Barclays is partnering with Garmin and watch manufacturer Mondaine for additional products.

Each transaction comes with a spending limit of up to £30 because it requires no authentication. It’s also worth noting that Loop only works in the UK, so if this is especially intriguing to you other readers, uh, sorry.