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What's this red phone Nextbit is hiding?

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Nextbit hopped on Periscope and Facebook Live a few minutes ago to announce the beta of its web interface for photo backups. That's a cool new feature, but perhaps the most interesting part of the broadcasts was hidden in the background:

nextbit red phone 'leak'-news-nextbit	Nextbit

Not-quite-hiding in plain sight was a bright red phone that clearly stands out from the pile of more recognizable blue Robins. The new phone looks pretty much identical to the standard Robin, save for its color. It's not clear if this is a new device or just a new color scheme — the latter seems likely, given that the Robin is still pretty new.

It's not clear when we might hear (or see) more about the new device, but if Nextbit is ready to tease it like this, an announcement is probably coming up.