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Next time my dad asks me to rub sunscreen on his back, I’m pointing him to this machine

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Sunscreen and I have a love / hate relationship. I know I should love it and wear it because it keeps me skin cancer-free and because I look hella bad with sunburn. I hate sunscreen, though, because it’s messy to put on and it makes me smell like sunscreen, which isn’t a cute smell, unless you like reminding people of the beach. I guess that’s an okay thing to be associated with. Maybe I would unconditionally love sunscreen, though, if I had a machine to apply it for me. Like this:


This is the SnappyScreen, which claims to canvas your entire body with sunscreen in less than 10 seconds. SnappyScreen isn’t the first machine to do this. The tech’s actually been around since at least 2007. You feel old, huh? Look how happy the machine makes its users.


I’m not sure how it’s existed for so long, and yet remained unknown to me, but something makes me think it’s because I only interact with sunscreen for three months out of the year. Make sure you get more summer inspo with that video above.