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Look at this brick of a battery case for the Nexus 6P

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ZeroLemon is preparing to release a battery case for the Nexus 6P that it says will nearly triple the battery life of your phone. The Nexus 6P Battery Case (why even bother with a ridiculous name) comes with an 8,500 mAh battery that ZeroLemon says will provide an extra 190 percent of battery for your smartphone.

ZeroLemon Nexus 6P Battery Case

The Nexus 6P is already a large phone, and it's safe to say this case will make it ginormous. It's big and bulky and may not even fit in your pocket. But it will let you access all of your ports with standard plugs, you can charge the case and your phone simultaneously, and it comes with a battery level indicator and a power button on the rear.

Back in October when we reviewed the Nexus 6P, we found that the phone's 3,450 mAh battery could get through a day under normal usage, so theoretically ZeroLemon's case could keep your 6P running for up to three days, if it lives up to the claims. The ZeroLemon Nexus 6P Battery Case will be available on Amazon on July 15th for a "special introductory price" of $60, according to the company.

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