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LG's V20 will be released in September with Android 7.0 Nougat

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Last week LG alluded to a successor to its second flagship phone of 2015, the V10, and today the company revealed a little more. The new phone will be called the V20, and it's said to be the first handset to launch with Android 7.0, otherwise known as Nougat.

That's about as much as LG is saying for now about the V20, other than mentioning a planned September launch. The V10 came out in October last year and had some unusual features like a secondary screen and dual front-facing cameras; we found its strong camera, great display, and solid build quality more worthy of note.

The Verge has contacted LG for further details on the V20, but is yet to hear back.

Update: LG has tweeted this helpful, informative teaser: