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The world's largest SSD is now shipping for $10,000

The world's largest SSD is now shipping for $10,000

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Even with today's latest SSDs, sometimes you just need a little more space.

That’s where the Samsung PM1633a SSD comes in, clocking in at a massive 15.36 terabytes (or 15,360,000,000,000 bytes) of storage. Such power comes at a price, however, with preorders for the 15.36 terabyte behemoth coming in at around $10,000. The 15.36 TB size is not only the largest SSD ever made, but the largest single hard drive ever, finally breaking the 10 TB barrier that spinning disk drives seem to be capped at.

The 15.36 TB behemoth comes in at around $10,000

The drive’s small size and huge storage capacity means that you’d be able to outfit a standard 42U server storage rack with 1,008 PM1633a for a cool 15482.88 TB (over 15 petabytes) of storage, to presumably store a spare copy of the known universe. (Assuming you can afford the $10,080,000 price tag for such a setup.)

But while the PM1633a is primarily designed for enterprise customers for use in data centers or large server systems, there’s theoretically nothing stopping you (aside from price, anyway) from just buying one for your home desktop. Good luck filling all that space!