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Nikon designed a camera so on trend that it's hurting me

Nikon designed a camera so on trend that it's hurting me

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Sometimes I see something so ugly I’m emotionally stirred. It’s usually a design that’s meant to be cool, but is actually very uncool and so brutally out-of-touch that in some reverse psychology sort of way, I end up wanting it. Sad dysmorphic Jesus, for example, has been a favorite of mine.

So wrong, yet so great. Nikon’s Coolpix W100 is another flawed design concept that turned out okay.

The sea animal print. The light color palette. The blue ring around the lens. I’m confident everyone would envy me if I took this camera to a beach in New York or at least a house party in Brooklyn. I only wish it came with a neck lanyard, but oh well, can’t win them all.

So not only does it look like a normcore dream, but the camera’s also shockproof, water resistant, and dustproof. You can literally take this camera anywhere and it should work. Nikon suggests either the beach or ski slopes. I’ve noted this and will consider taking my Coolpix to the slopes when I eventually make it there.

The W100 has a cartoon effects option where you can draw on your photos or put stamps on them, and because it’s Bluetooth-enabled, you can easily send your photos to your phone and put them on Instagram or maybe even Snapchat if that’s your thing. I see so many content opportunities.