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Bang & Olufsen's new 4K TV runs on Android TV

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BeoVision 14

Bang & Olufsen is known for making some beautifully designed TVs, and its latest creation, the BeoVision 14, is no exception. The newest addition to the BeoVision lineup features aluminum piping and oak wood lamellas, making it feel like a piece of furniture versus the minimalistic displays we've grown accustomed to.

BeoVision 14

The actual display isn't half bad either. The 4K TV, which doesn't support HDR for some reason, features a 360-degree light sensor that can automatically adjust the image according to the lighting in the room. Underneath those lamellas you'll find three-way speakers that can wirelessly sync with other speakers on Bang & Olufsen's Multiroom network, and the set itself will run on Android TV, giving you access to a plethora of apps.

As with most products Bang & Olufsen releases, the BeoVision 14 isn't exactly cheap. The set — which is available in 40-inch and 55-inch variations — will cost £5,190 ($6,700) and £7,190 ($9,300), respectively. The BeoVision 14 is currently only available in Europe, but a US release is expected soon.