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Circuit Breaker

This ring will vibrate in coordination with your loved one's pulse

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They're alive! And not answering your texts!


TheTouch’s HB ring is a ring that’ll recreate your heart rate on a loved one’s HB ring. It's got a heart rate sensor baked in — like one in any other wearable — that picks up on your pulse and then broadcasts it with lights and vibrations on a separately paired ring. It syncs through Bluetooth and a companion app. Basically wearers will always know whether their loved one is still alive.

What happens if the battery dies, though? Or you lose connectivity? Don’t panic. Your partner is probably still alive. Maybe just send a quick "u ded?" text to double check. Naturally, the more expensive ring style comes in rose gold and costs $2,990 for two. The steel version costs only $599 for a pair. TheTouch is accepting preorders on its website and appears to have forgone crowdfunding efforts. I don't necessarily think it lends any more credence to the HB ring, but it does mean that there are less Kickstarter protections and ways to reach the company if the rings never ship.