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Eye-Fi's new software will let you keep using your old Wi-Fi-connected SD cards

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Eye-Fi announced in July that its X2 line of Wi-Fi SD cards would stop receiving support and essentially be rendered useless starting in September. It encouraged people to instead upgrade to its Mobi line of SD cards. Now, however, the company is slightly backpedaling to say that it’ll help users keep using those older cards through new software called Eye-Fi X2 Utility. It’s referred to as X2U for short and will be given away as a free download for Macs. A Windows version is in the works, but Eye-Fi says it can’t guarantee that it’ll ever finish the product.

The software will let users continue transferring images to their PC through Wi-Fi. That’s about all it will do. The company says users won’t have the full range of functions that they had before and that the cards will no longer receive app updates. The software is a temporary fix at best.