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The Logitech Pop is the smart home button you've always wanted

The Logitech Pop is the smart home button you've always wanted


No more smart home explainers to house guests

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Smart homes can be very complex — there can be a ton of different toggles and apps and commands you can yell at Alexa to make everything work, which is fine if you live by yourself. But if you have kids or guests or babysitters who need to turn on the lights without downloading and learning a new app, it can get stressful. Logitech is attempting to fix that problem with Pop, a programmable button that can control your smart home.

Logitech Pop

Unlike smart home buttons like the Philips Hue Tap, the Logitech Pop can control a number of different smart home components from Sonos speakers, to Hue and LIFX lights (among others), to smart locks, and even smart blinds. There are three different triggers for the Pop; a single press, double press, and long press that can each be programmed using the Pop app.

The Pop can also combine commands for different devices with each trigger. For example, you could turn off all the lights and shut the blinds with a single press, making it easier for your non-tech savvy house guests. Or, with a double press turn on Sonos, you can lock your door and turn on the lights for a dinner party. Although it can operate on its own using a base station that plugs into your router, the Logitech Pop can also work in tandem with a Logitech Harmony remote to do things like turn on your TV and activate Netflix with the press of a button.

Available for preorder today, the Logitech Pop starter pack comes with the base station and two Pop home switches for $99, while extra home switches will run you $39 a piece. The company says the device will begin shipping out in a few weeks, and will be available for purchase from retailers, including Best Buy and Amazon.