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Yamaha's new entry-level YAS-106 sound bar costs $200

Yamaha's new entry-level YAS-106 sound bar costs $200

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A sound bar is a great and straightforward way to boost your TV's audio quality, and Yamaha has just released its latest entry-level device. The $200 YAS-106 is the upgrade to the YAS-105, and adds support for 4K and HD audio (via HDMI) which should make for better sound quality than connecting to your TV's optical digital-audio output. There's also the option to use Dolby Audio or DTS Digital Surround, and Yamaha has updated the sound bar's look, adding more curves to the design and a new fabric, wraparound outer panel. Pretty sleek.

The sound bar itself has two tweeters, two woofers, and two sub-woofers, as well as Yamaha's "bass reflex port," which the company claims pads out the lower end, meaning you shouldn't have to stump out for a separate sub-woofer. (Although, of course, some people still will.) You can use the 106 as a Bluetooth speaker, and it also comes with its own remote and connected smartphone app.

The video below gives you a better look at the 106 itself, although you may want to mute that annoying voiceover.