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This guy turned an Xbox One S into a laptop

This guy turned an Xbox One S into a laptop

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The Xbox One S is an impressive piece of hardware engineering, taking the hulking, VCR that was the original Xbox One and slimming it down to a dramatically smaller and modern-looking box.

The Xbook One S manages to fit Xbox One S hardware into a laptop-sized case

But modder Edward Zarick has taken it one step further, with his appropriately named Xbook One S, that manages to fit the Xbox One S hardware into a laptop-sized case, complete with a 720p, 19-inch screen. And while the Xbook isn’t a true laptop — it still requires a constant power supply — it certainly is a more portable console than Microsoft’s original design. The design also keeps a port for 4K HDMI out, allowing the Xbook One S to still function as a regular console with 4K and HDR playback (assuming you have a compatible TV set).

Edward Zarick

This isn’t Zarick’s first time creating consoles like this, with his website and YouTube channel boasting several earlier clamshell versions of both the original Xbox One (the Xbook One), PlayStation 4 (PlayBook 4), and perhaps most impressively, his PlayBox 4One, that manages to somehow cram both an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 into one housing.

Zarick’s mods aren’t just cool modifications for YouTube videos though — they’re actually available for custom order from his website. The portable consoles come at a step premium over the $300 Xbox One S — the Xbook One S starts at $1,495 (shipping not included).

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