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Lenovo specifically designed the Moto Z to be bendgate-proof

Lenovo specifically designed the Moto Z to be bendgate-proof


Less bendy phones are good for everyone

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In a world filled with YouTube bend tests that can convince consumers to avoid a specific smartphone, manufacturers are stepping up their game and reinforcing their devices. Apple reinforced the iPhone 6S with stronger metal after bendgate became a "thing" and now Lenovo has reveled in a blog post that it designed the Moto Z with bendgate in mind:

We then moved on to the housing — aware that "bendgate" would be a potential issue with such a thin device, we utilized a unique, aircraft-grade stainless steel casing that’s actually 85 percent stronger than our competitors, while keeping the device as light as possible.

As you would expect, people have tried to bend and break the Moto Z, albeit with little success. It's not exactly surprising that a company incorporated features that consumers asked for (a phone that doesn't bend) into a new device, but few would actually admit that a social media sensation was the reason it decided to do so. Either way, less bendy phones are good for consumers everywhere.

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