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Nature exists to fill our human phone charging needs

Nature exists to fill our human phone charging needs

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When I look at the sky, I don’t see a sun. I see an opportunity — a chance at making solar power, and then harnessing that solar power to charge my phone. When a breeze brushes my face, I don’t think about how nice it feels. No, I think about how I can take that wind and turn it into energy for my cell phone. When I hear a babbling brook, I don’t appreciate the sound; I’m thinking about smartphone power, baby.

There are others who think like me. Like this guy, Thomas Kim, who made an iPhone charger out of a water wheel generator. There's also now a company called Enomad that believes nature is one glorious outlet. It just launched a Kickstarter campaign for its portable water generator, Estream, which creates power when its blades spin with the current. It takes four and a half hours to charge its 6,400mAh battery. That wait is probably worth it, though, because you'll never have to disconnect from life, even if you're out in the wilderness. Plus, you can just do the charging overnight. The Estream starts at $180. I love when nature loves my phone as much as I do.