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Casio adds a water depth sensor to its G-Shock Gulfmaster watch

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An $850 weather-prediction device

Casio has announced a new version of its G-Shock Gulfmaster watch, and it will feature a water depth sensor for the first time. The G-Shock Gulfmaster line of watches are designed for extreme environments and events like sea rescues conducted by the Coast Guard. The watches come with a barometric pressure alarm, tide indicator, a thermometer, and are water-resistant up to 200 meters.

The new model, the GWNQ1000-1A, will also be the first to feature a sapphire crystal display covering, as well as carbon fiber casing and metal piping to improve durability. Most people probably don't need a Gulfmaster unless having a storm alarm (a real and very cool feature) is crucial for you, but if you're constantly doing extreme water sports or climbing mountains or whatever else outdoorsy people do, this watch could be a good investment.

The Casio G-Shock Gulfmaster GWNQ1000-1A will be available for $850 in September from G-Shock's New York City store and its website, and in select Macy's stores and fashion boutiques.