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Asus may go round with the ZenWatch 3

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To put it lightly, Asus' latest ZenWatch has not been among our favorite Android Wear watches. But now it looks like Asus is about to give it another go, and the watch's hardware may look a lot better this time around.

Photos of what may well be the ZenWatch 3 started floating around the internet on Friday, supposedly after China's telecom regulator briefly published photos of the device taken during an inspection. While that's not always the best evidence on its own, it's backed up by FCC filings from earlier in the week indicating a round design as well.

That means this is what we may be looking at for the ZenWatch 3:

zenwatch 3 leak-news-tenaa

zenwatch 3 leak-news-tenaa

It's hard to tell exactly how stylish it may (or may not) be without a closer (and sharper) look, but the three-button design sets it apart from a lot of the other watches. And its two-tone bronze color scheme is... well, I could maybe be into it, but we'll have to see about everyone else. It also looks like the watch could be on the thicker side, with its lugs jutting downward so it won't appear to sit so high.

Asus is presenting at IFA on August 31st, so we may find out what the ZenWatch 3 is all about in just a few weeks.